Analytics Made Simple


All your data in one, beautiful place.

It makes sense that in order to get real value from your data, you need to be able to view all your data in one place. Well, thanks to PressTrends, now you can. We bring your data together for a beautiful collection of insights. From social metrics to your favorite platforms, PressTrends has it all.

Only Focus on Critical Metrics + Benchmarks

Every site has a goal. PressTrends let’s you set a goal for your site andautomatically identifies your critical metrics so you know exactly what to focus on. With benchmarks, you know exactly how your site stacks up against similar sites.

Get Suggestions on How To Improve

Having analytics is great, but knowing exactly what steps to take with them is even better! PressTrends makes real-time suggestions based on your metrics so you know what you can do to improve. We make analytics actionable so you can start getting real value from your metrics.

Learn What Influences What

With so many metrics and your data spread across various platforms, it can be insanely difficult to find correlations between your data. Until now. PressTrends shows you correlations between your metrics so you know how each metric affects the next.